Thursday, June 4, 2015

Backing up Windows Azure VMs

I needed to perform a backup of one of my existing Windows Azure VMs and I decided to follow this article which described how to do this using PowerShell:

Unfortunately, the article is EXTREMELY outdated and no longer works!!

When I attempted to run the PowerShell script outlined in the article, I kept on getting the following exception when attempting to run the Start-AzureStorageBlobCopy operation:
"The condition specified using HTTP conditional header(s) is not met"

Of course, researching a solution to this problem turned out to be a fruitless search, so I thought that perhaps I was using an older version of Windows Azure PowerShell and decided to download and install the latest version of Windows Azure PowerShell from here:

As you can guess, there was definitely a newer release of Azure PowerShell available and they had changed the PowerShell cmdlets significantly!

In any case, I have to work on learning the new commands for Windows Azure and will provide a newer version of the Backup script here when it is ready.

But until then, you are probably out of luck creating backups of your Azure VMs using the TechNet article...

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