Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why I am leaving GoDaddy for Google Domains

For anyone that has worked with GoDaddy in the past, you probably realize that they use a bait-and-switch model.

Essentially, they get you in on a domain name really cheap (as low as $1) and then when your domain is up for renewal, you could pay as much as $18 or more for a domain renewal.  In addition, all additional domain services are considered add-ons and of course cost more money.

To be fair, GoDaddy is not the only domain registrar that does this.  Even big names such as Network Solutions is absolutely notorious for doing this and hiking the rates even higher than GoDaddy.

However, that is why Google Domains is so refreshing!

Google Domains offers a flat-rate of $12 and no hidden fees and extras associated with hosting a domain name with them.

In addition, the transfer process was extremely easy and painless compared to many other domain registrars.  I literally started a domain transfer in about 2 minutes from GoDaddy!!  (It would have been less but I had to make some changes to my domain name in GoDaddy based on Google's instructions).  How cool is that?

I am already loving Google Domains and even though Google Domains is currently in beta, I hope it goes to production soon since I would love to see Google take a big bite/chunk out of GoDaddy's current bait-and-switch domain name hosting model.

You can switch over to Google Domains for yourself over here:

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