Friday, April 6, 2012

Visual Studio 11--Changing familiar Visual Studio toolbar icons

I was working in Visual Studio 11 today and I was looking for the familiar toolbar icons to comment out a block of code.  I looked in my standard toolbar and could not find them!!

Can you tell what these toolbar icons are supposed to do??  I definitely had no idea what they were.  So, I hovered over these icons to find out why they were there.

If I had never hovered over this icon to get the tooltip, I never EVER would have figured out what these icons are supposed to do.

I am so used to seeing the standard commenting/uncommenting icons in nearly every single IDE that I have used (at least all of the Microsoft IDEs) that I have never had to think twice about clicking on it in the toolbar.

I am not quite sure why Microsoft has decided to change this very commonly used toolbar icon to an icon which seems not to convey anything about its intent or function!

Is this icon change perhaps another "improvement" to help us to adapt to using the IDE on Windows 8??  Who really knows....  I guess we will just wait and see how Microsoft incorporates current user feedback into the next beta release of Visual Studio 11!

UPDATE:  They have made some slight changes to the Comment/Uncomment icons in the RTM release.  The new icons are shown below:

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  1. Thanks for posting. It is dumb that they changed the icon!