Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Visual Studio 11/2012 RC--Unable to create Unit Tests

If you have recently started using Visual Studio 11 Beta for your development and you regularly work with Unit Tests, you might have noticed that there is a major glaring hole in the newest release of the IDE.  Namely, Visual Studio 11 no longer allows you to create Unit Tests from your existing code base!!!  I am guessing that the "new philosophy" in Visual Studio 11 is that if you "strictly" follow Test-Driven Development you will always create your Unit Tests first.

Well, Microsoft, that simply is not true.  I regularly used to create Unit Tests from my existing code base using Visual Studio 2010 and the most appealing aspect of it was that Visual Studio 2010 used to shell out my entire Unit Test for me with my selected methods, thus saving me a tremendous amount of time.  So if I had created a Class Diagram in my Visual Studio project to generate my "empty shell" of a Class, I could easily create my Unit Tests from my code base and then follow TDD practices.

However, that ability is now completely gone from the Visual Studio 11 IDE.  Even in the Visual Studio 2012 RC, they have not added this functionality back into the IDE.

Check out the screenshots below from Visual Studio 11 vs. Visual Studio 2010:

Do you miss this functionality from Visual Studio 2012 as I do?  

If so, please provide feedback to Microsoft and let them know that you want it back!!

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  1. Yes I agree. I tried everything on this issue. total waste. :(