Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SharePoint 2013 Environment Configuration

When setting up a SharePoint 2013 Environment, you will have to set up a virtual machine as an Active Directory Domain Controller as well as the actual SharePoint 2013 Server.  Whereas this was not a requirement in earlier versions of SharePoint (such as SharePoint 2010), the new architecture of SharePoint 2013 requires components such as the Workflow Manager and the Windows Azure Service Bus require the separation of these server responsibilities.

In addition, if you are using virtualization to set up your SharePoint Development environment infrastructure, you will need to allocate approximately 10-12 GB for the SharePoint Server (Single Server Installation) as well as the recommended amount of memory for an Active Directory Domain Controller (depending on the guest OS).

If you are using automated build scripts such as AutoSPInstaller ( or the corresponding GUI for this set of PowerShell Scripts (, then you will also need to join the virtual machines to an Active Directory domain since the scripts currently do not support standalone/local installations of SharePoint.

For a review on how to set up 2 or more virtual machines that are joined to a domain, you can review this earlier blog post:

If you want a detailed installation and configuration guide for SharePoint Server 2013, you can download a copy of such a guide from here:

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