Monday, February 25, 2013

Exporting and importing e-mail signatures in MS Outlook

One of the operations that I have to configure each time I re-install the OS on my work computer is my e-mail signature in Outlook.

Each time I re-build my OS, I have to re-configure Outlook on my machine.  While I can archive my e-mail messages, I have discovered that every release of MS Office thus far does not offer me the ability to export (and subsequently import) my Outlook e-mail signature.  This information seems to sit out there in limbo and is not attached to my MS Exchange Profile (which would be preferable).

The process that I use right now is looking back at an e-mail message that contains my old E-mail Signature or creating a screenshot of my E-mail Signature prior to performing the re-install/re-build of my machine.  I then have to re-create my E-mail Signature in Outlook based on what I had previously captured.

Of course, this process is very annoying and not guaranteed to replicate my e-mail signature EXACTLY (same font color, font size etc.) as it was before.  I really wish that Microsoft would simply offer an Export and Import button on the E-mail Signature dialog so that I could easily backup these settings prior to a system rebuild.

If you are like me and also wish that Microsoft would offer an Export/Import button for the E-mail Signature dialog, please vote for this UserVoice Feedback Item here:

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