Thursday, July 18, 2013

Application Pool memory sizes for ASP.NET Hosting Providers

If you have specific memory requirements for the IIS Application Pools in your websites, it is worthwhile to know exactly how much a particular hosting provider is offering as dedicated to your hosting website as part of their various hosting packages.

  1. For a provider such as WinHost, the highest application pool memory size they offer is 300 MB:
  2. For a provider such as Arvixe, you get 200 MB for a Personal Class ASP hosting site, while a Business Class ASP site can bump you up to 800 MB for an application pool:
  3. For a provider such as SmarterASP.NET, you get a range of 128 MB to 512 MB, however, SmarterASP.NET support states that this memory limit is PER ACCOUNT rather than per application pool or per website:  Therefore, depending on the number of websites that you host on their account, you may be getting very little memory overall.

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  1. Yes, my hosting provider ( only offer 300 MB too. But if I compare with their price, they are very affordable and fair. I realize I cant expect more with their shared hosting as the price is very low. What I emphasize here is their support is very prompt, the server is fast. So, I would recommend this provider on your list too.