Friday, October 25, 2013

Problem with SSRS in SharePoint Foundation 2010 with Team Foundation Server 2010/2013

I just ended up installing a fresh installation of Team Foundation Server 2010 with SP1 on one of my servers and everything in the TFS Configuration Wizard seemed to run rather smoothly, so I thought I would try my luck and create my very first Team Project Collection along with its very own Team Project Portal (running SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2).

Of course, I created a blank Team Project (it was a fresh installation, of course), but when I went to open up the Team Project Portal, I saw the following SQL Server Reporting Services error message:

After changing the Report Execution Account from Network Service to a Windows Domain account and upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2013, I saw the following screen in SharePoint:

So while the upgrade to TFS 2013 brought about an improvement in that it now displays the Burn Rate chart, the other SSRS chart/graph still does not display.

So after reading a few articles on the Internet, I saw that one of the recommendations was to perform a Rebuild in the Reporting section of the TFS Administration Console. 

After doing this and waiting a few hours, I returned to the Portal Dashboard and lo and behold, I was able to see this!


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