Saturday, March 1, 2014

Working with the "Assigned To" field in a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow

Normally whenever I perform a lookup of a field, I always use the Current Item's ID field in order to locate the particular record.

Therefore, when I was working with the "Assigned To" field and assigning the value to a workflow variable, I thought that naturally I could continue to use the ID field for locating and assigning the value of the record.

However, as I soon learned, this does not work!

When I ran my workflow, I received the following exception:

After doing a bit of research on the use of the "Assigned To" field, I discovered that instead, I needed to use the GUID for locating the record rather than simply relying on the traditional ID field.

Therefore, I changed my lookup query to look like the following:

After changing to the GUID field, I was able to successfully assign values stored in the "Assigned To" field to my workflow variables!

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