Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unable to connect to the Internet from within a Windows Azure Virtual Machine

I was recently setting up a set of Windows Azure Virtual Machines and wanted to set up a virtual network for my virtual machines.

Naturally, I registered a DNS Server as well as a Virtual Network for my Windows Azure Virtual Machines.  Based on guidance from various MSDN articles, I set up my DNS Server IP address as

As expected, when I created my virtual machines were assigned respective IP addresses from the DNS Server.

Unfortunately, a consequence of this was that none of my virtual machines could access the Internet in order to download and install the necessary software that was needed to configure on the machine. 

Internet searches were not very fruitful but they pointed to the root cause of the issue:

The DNS Server assigned an internal IP address as part of the virtual network configuration.  This prevented the servers from being assigned external DNS IP addresses that would allow the servers to access the Internet.

Since I have had to do this numerous times on my own virtual machines, the solution seemed relatively simple!!  Just add a public DNS Server IP Address to the list of DNS Servers in the Network Adapter configuration.

Since I frequently use Google Public DNS (https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/), I decided to use Google Public DNS as my secondary DNS Server.

I went into the Network Adapter settings and added the DNS Server IP Addresses as shown below:

As you can probably guess, as soon as I completed this, I was able to successfully access the Internet from within my virtual machines!!

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