Friday, October 10, 2014

Unable to launch Enterprise Library 6 Configuration Console

I have worked with Enterprise Library in the past and have just recently began working on projects that are using .NET v. 4.5 or later.  Since earlier versions of Enterprise Library did not support .NET Framework v. 4.5, this was one of the first times I tried using Enterprise Library 6.

I went ahead and downloaded the Enterprise Library from here:

However, when I went ahead and extracted the EnterpriseLibrary6-binaries, I discovered that I was unable to launch the Enterprise Library Configuration Console!  Each time I attempted to launch the Enterprise Library Configuration Console, I would get an exception message dialog indicating that the application had crashed!

This was unusual since I had always simply extracted Enterprise Library in previous versions and run the Configuration Console earlier.

Well, after further examination, I found the following text in a ReadMe file:


Summary: This package contains Enterprise Library configuration console, MSMQ distributor service, merge configuration tool and a script to download binaries for all application blocks from NuGet.

In order to get all the binaries, run the install-packages.ps1 script.

Note: For the Semantic Logging Application Block Out-of-Process service, a separate package is available for download.

The most up-to-date version of the release notes and known issues is available online:

Microsoft patterns & practices

Aha!  So I had to run a PowerShell script in order to download all of the necessary binaries to get the Enterprise Library Configuration Console to run.

Of course, after I ran the install-packages.ps1 PowerShell script, I was able to successfully launch the Enterprise Library Configuration Console!!

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