Saturday, December 20, 2014

Manage your NuGet Packages as part of your Continuous Integration build process

With the release of NuGet packages to manage many of your project references, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage all of the various package updates that may be required to support new features in your project.

Well, fortunately, Microsoft has offered a handy solution with the release of Visual Studio 2013 to ensure that the building of your solutions in your Continuous Integration build process goes smoothly.

The new feature is called "Enable NuGet Package Restore".  What this allows you to do is to set up your solution to be configured to automatically restore any missing NuGet Project references at build time.  Therefore, if some of the build references are missing from your source control repository, there is no need to worry!  With this option enabled in your solutions, your build process will automatically download the necessary NuGet Package references as part of your CI Build process to ensure you have successful builds each time. 

This is especially important with how rapidly technologies such as Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET MVC are evolving.  It seems like there are new versions of these frameworks almost on a weekly or at least monthly basis. 

Below are screenshots on how to set up your Visual Studio solutions to utilize this great new feature:

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