Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Connecting to an Oracle database using Oracle Client

If you have to connect to an Oracle database, you will need to know how to configure the Oracle Client in order to connect to the Oracle databases.

The process consists of 2 parts:

  1. Configuring an Oracle Listener
  2. Configuring 1 or more Net Service Names 

First up, I will demonstrate how to configure the Oracle Listener:

Once you have the Oracle Listener up and running, you then have to configure your Local Net Service Name (for your tnsnames.ora file):

While configure the Local Net Service Name and testing the connection, you may have to change the login credentials by using the "Change Login" dialog.

Once you have done that, you still need to configure the Data Sources in the ODBC Data Sources section (odbcad32):

 When configuring your ODBC Data Source, you will need to use the TNS Service Name (Local Net Service Name) that you configured earlier.

Finally, you can use an Oracle connection string such as one of the following to connect to your Oracle database instance! (The name of your Data Source is the name of your ODBC DSN):

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