Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oracle Database Connection String for ODP.NET using TNSNames.ora

If you are using the TNSNames.ora file for connecting to your Oracle database, you might be a bit confused about using the following Oracle connection string as listed here: https://www.connectionstrings.com/oracle/

Normally, when you see something like that, you think immediately of setting up a DSN in ODBC Data Sources, right? Well, in this case, you do not need to set up anything in ODBC Data Sources! You simply configure your Net Service Name in your Oracle Client so that you have one or more entries in your tnsnames.ora file as follows:

Now, the Data Source attribute in your Oracle connection string simply corresponds to one of the entries in your tnsnames.ora file (in this case, there are entries for ORCL11G and ORCL respectively).

That is all there is to understanding how to build your Oracle database connection strings using TNS Names!

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