Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Getting started with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

If you want to deploy system images to multiple computers, then you will definitely want to familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

To get started, you will need to install the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit as well as the Windows ADK:

Once you have these tools installed, the next thing you have to do is run the Deployment Workbench.

Before you can do anything else in Deployment Workbench, you will have to start off by creating a Deployment Share.

 Once you have the Deployment Share created, the next thing you need to do is Import an Operating System. 

Once you have the Operating System imported, you can proceed with adding your various applications:

Finally, you have to go ahead and create a Task Sequence.

Once you have completely configured your Task Sequence, you need to Update your Deployment Share:

Now, you will get a Boot image created in the Boot folder of your Deployment Share.

Using this Boot image, you can now boot your target system to begin loading the OS and then prepping the system for an image capture!

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