Saturday, April 18, 2015

SQL Server database in Recovery Pending state

I recently encountered a problem with several of the SQL Server databases I was managing/administering whereby the databases were displaying a "Recovery Pending" state in SQL Server Management Studio.

When I attempted to detach the databases to see if I could look at resolving the issue with these particular databases, I received an error message stating that the transaction log was in an inconsistent state.

Well, being the good SQL Admin that I am, I had set up Full SQL Server database backups as well as periodic SQL Server Transaction Log backups.

Therefore, all I needed to do in SQL Server Management Studio was right click on the individual databases and select the option for "Restore". 

As soon as I did that, I could select the most recent Database and Transaction Log backups and restore the databases to their original state.

Since I had scheduled the Transaction Log backups to occur every 4 hours, I was able to recover the data until 4 hours earlier.

After reviews of a few missed transactions by the team, everything was soon backup and running smoothly just as it was before the database failures!!

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