Friday, October 30, 2015

Paid version of YouTube

If you haven't already received the e-mail from Google YouTube, you should know that Google is now releasing a paid, ad-free version of YouTube called "YouTube Red":

It will cost $9.99/month unless you subscribe from an iOS device at which point it will instead cost you $12.99/month!!

The other major benefit it provides is that it allows you to download the YouTube videos for offline viewing.

I am not sure how the emergence of YouTube Red will affect existing browser add-ons that already allow you to download videos from YouTube for offline viewing in a wide variety of formats, but this feature could certainly be beneficial.

If you are like me, you may watch YouTube when the occasion rises.  However, if you are like my wife and numerous other people on this planet, then you probably watch YouTube every free moment that you get.  If you fall into the other category of YouTube viewers, then this paid version of YouTube may very well be a good choice for you.

Only time will tell whether or not YouTube Red succeeds or fails as a subscription-based service...

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