Thursday, November 19, 2015

The end of an Era for Sitefinity and Small Business Owners

I have been using Sitefinity since v. 3.7 when the licensed edition still only cost $799.  Later, after Sitefinity v. 4.0 was released, the Small Business Edition version was released at a cost of $499 and the Standard edition price was subsequently significantly jacked up in price.

Not too long ago, Sitefinity got rid of their Sitefinity Community Edition, making Sitefinity no longer a viable option for non-profit, community or open-source projects.

Today, with the current release of Sitefinity v. 8.2, Sitefinity has done away with the Small Business Edition and now the cheapest edition of Sitefinity (Standard Edition) is priced at a whopping $3000! (

Therefore, Small Business Owners that are looking for a reasonably priced and affordable ASP.NET-based Content Management system will now have no choice but to look elsewhere.

Sitefinity is now only priced for medium-sized to large corporations with big budgets to spend on their Content Management Systems for their publicly-facing websites.

Well, as a Small Business Owner myself and for all the other Small Business owners out there, I am saying so long Sitefinity, it was nice knowing you, too bad you could not stick around to meet our needs and budgets!!

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