Thursday, August 11, 2016

Features missing in Visual Studio Online/Visual Studio Team Services

If you use Visual Studio Online/Visual Studio Team Services as compared to Team Foundation Server, there are some notable features missing in Visual Studio Online which mainly center around integrations such as:

  1. Integration with SharePoint/Office 365
  2. Integration with Project Server
  3. Integration with Dynamics CRM

Lacking these integrations in Visual Studio Online is a huge loss since the integrations with SharePoint and Project Server alone provides a tremendous amount of functionality.

Even at a bare minimum, these features would be nice to have built-into Visual Studio Online:

  1. Support for daily and weekly status reports
  2. Support for time tracking using a built-in web-based timer for individual tasks

There is no telling when (or if) Microsoft will be adding these features to Visual Studio Online in the near future, so for now, you have to look for 3rd party solutions to fill in the gaps left by Visual Studio Online/Visual Studio Team Services!!

You can vote for some these features in the UserVoice site here:

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