Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Visual Studio Online pricing explained

I was recently investigating Visual Studio Online/Visual Studio Team Services pricing and started reviewing this page: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/products/visual-studio-team-services-pricing-vs.aspx

The pricing listed on the screen, however, seemed to be rather confusing in terms of purchasing user licenses.

Initially, you are given a pack of 5 free users, so when you buy 10 users, does that mean you lose the initial 5 free users?

Well, as it turns out, yes, you are ONLY receiving 10 BASIC user licenses!!

Therefore, you will end up with a total of 10 users (including the initial 5 free users)!!

All of these user licenses are Basic user licenses which provides most of the functionality within Visual Studio Online/Visual Studio Team Services.

Of course, these licenses exclude any users which own an MSDN subscriber account as well as any Stakeholder licenses which continue to remain FREE!

This becomes SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive once you move up to 20 users ($110/month)!!  By comparison, licensing a source control system such as BitBucket (https://bitbucket.org/product/pricing) only costs $100/month for 100 users!!

However, Visual Studio Team Services offers significantly more integrated functionality than a tool such as BitBucket, so this should also factor into the decision making process before choosing Visual Studio Online as your source control tool of choice!

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