Friday, February 25, 2011

Clearing cookies with IE 8's Developer Tools

If you have been working with Windows Identity Foundation, you probably already know that it is not as easy to clear out cookies using Internet Explorer as it is with alternative browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

However, if you are forced to work with Internet Explorer 8, there is still a way of managing cookies.  That method is through the use of the Developer Tools which ship with Internet Explorer 8.

  1. Browse to the website in Internet Explorer from which you want to remove/delete the associated cookies.
  2. From the Tools menu (or F12), you can open the Developer Tools. 
  3. You can then open the Cache menu
  4. Beneath the Cache menu, you will see several options for managing cookies
  5. However, unlike the Remove Individual Cookies option in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you will not find such an option.
  6. Instead, you will have to select the menu option for Clear Session Cookies
  7. After you click on that option, you must now select the menu option for Clear Cookies for Domain
  8. After that is done, you should be able to log into your website (probably your STS) using different login credentials.

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