Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manually removing an IIS Web Site that no longer exists

I recently had some problems with my installation of SharePoint 2010 and therefore had to uninstall my instance of SharePoint 2010 from my development workstation.

However, one of the unfortunate side effects of the uninstall was that the IIS Management Console continued to display an invalid Web Site called "Site 2". 

Upon clicking on the Web Site, I received an error message stating that "The application / does not exist".

Fortunately, I was working with Windows 7 (and thus IIS 7.5) which provides me with the ability to directly edit the IIS Management Console contents.

  1. From the top level in the IIS Management Console, click on the Configuration Editor icon in Features view
  2. From the dropdownlist, select system.applicationHost and the sites
  3. Click on the ellipsis to view the sites
  4. Highlight and select "Site 2" and click on the Remove button in the Actions menu on the right hand navigation menu
  5. Close that window
  6. In the Configuration Editor Actions menu on the right hand navigation menu, click on the Apply button
  7. Refresh the IIS Management Console
  8. You should notice that "Site 2" has now been removed from the Management Console.


  1. Thank You Very Much for the information, you help me so much

  2. Awesome. That worked! Thanks so much!