Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Sites and Alternate Access Mappings

I was recently attempting to set up My Sites with Alternate Access Mappings and after doing so, I attempted to access My Sites using the newly configured Url.

Unfortunately, when I attempted to access My Sites using the new Url, I received an HTTP 400 Bad Request Error!!

No matter what I tried, I could not resolve this issue in order to get the My Site to resolve to the new Public Url.

After doing some further research on the Internet, I found numerous comments stating that Alternate Access Mappings did not seem to work in the case of My Sites.

Therefore, the recommendation was to delete the My Sites Web Application and re-create the My Sites Host.

After doing this, I made sure that when I was re-creating the Web Application, I entered the appropriate Public Url for My Site.

After going through the process of also creating the "My Site Host" Site Collection as well as configuring My Sites in User Profile Administration, I was successfully able to access the My Sites collection at the new Url!

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