Monday, January 12, 2015

Hosting Silverlight in an ASP.NET MVC Web Application

As many Silverlight developers are aware, it is a common practice to host Silverlight in an ASP.NET Web Forms application, but what about if you want to host the application in an ASP.NET MVC Web Application?

Well, if you do some searching on the Internet, it seems there are articles such as this one which indicate that Visual Studio supports hosting Silverlight in an ASP.NET MVC Web Application:

However, if you are using a recent version of Visual Studio such as Visual Studio 2013, you will not see such an option:

So it seems that Microsoft has removed the capability to host Silverlight applications in ASP.NET MVC!!

Therefore, if you are like me and would like Microsoft to bring back this feature and capability, you can vote on this UserVoice item here:

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