Saturday, January 17, 2015

Installing SQL Server from a Configuration File

When you install SQL Server, you can either create a brand new configuration file by specifying the settings that you want to use for installation and then exiting the installation or you can use the ConfigurationFile.ini file that is generated from an existing installation of SQL Server.

Once you have the ConfigurationFile.ini file available, you can then use the following command to execute your SQL Server installation against the values stored in your configuration file:

Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=<Your File Path>\ConfigurationFile.ini

Of course, when you run this command, what this essentially does is pre-populate all of the dialogs for you with all of your selections.  Since you are not using a /Q  or /QS switch to perform the installation, the configuration file just saves you the steps of having to re-select all of your options in the installation dialog thus speeding up the overall installation process and ensuring that multiple installations of SQL Server all follow the same installation pattern.

If you want to achieve a truly quiet/silent installation, you will have to provide all of the necessary parameters either in the ConfigurationFile.ini file or at the command line to ensure the installation does not prompt you for any missing parameters.

You can read more about how to perform a SQL Server installation with a configuration file here:  

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