Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Software Licensing solutions for Microsoft.NET

If you are looking at Software Licensing solutions for your Microsoft.NET Applications, there are 4 major vendors that deal with Software Licensing:

  1. Inishtech -
  2. Nalpeiron -
  3. Flexera Software -
  4. SafeNet -
  5. Crypkey -

Of course, all of the licensing solutions are very expensive, so if you decide to choose one of these solutions, you need to allocate for it in your budget accordingly.

There are numerous cheaper licensing solutions out there as well such as ElecKey -, however, I was looking at their documentation and their documentation, tools and examples are extremely outdated (numerous references and examples are found still referring to Visual Studio 2008).  In addition, I e-mailed them numerous times and I never received a reply back from their support staff.  Therefore, the solution may be cheaper, but you may need to be more reliant on supporting the application yourself rather than expecting good vendor support.

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