Sunday, May 17, 2015

Design view support for ASP.NET MVC Views

I was recently working on a very large MVC project that had hundreds of Razor Views with literally hundreds upon hundreds of lines.

The task was to refactor these Razor Views to change the User Interface to a new style and layout.

As I started working on modifying these Razor Views, I quickly discovered that working with Razor Views in this manner is an absolute nightmare!

Looking at all of those hundreds of lines page-after-page was literally making my head spin.  I had to continually go back and forth and make edits in my Razor View and then keep a browser open on a 2nd monitor and hit refresh to see my Razor View changes.  The client had expected that making these changes would only take an hour or two but instead the changes for a single screen were taking nearly 10-20 hours or more!!

That is when I realized how much I missed the Design view of ASP.NET Web Forms.  At least in ASP.NET Web Forms, I could maintain a split-pane view and see my edits directly affecting the rendering of the page directly in Visual Studio without having to bounce back and forth between Visual Studio and my browser window.

Therefore, if you feel the same way and would like to see a "Design View" added to ASP.NET MVC Razor Views (especially with the upcoming release of ASP.NET MVC 6), then you should vote for this UserVoice item here:

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