Saturday, September 12, 2015

Alternatives to BrowserStack

If you want to perform Cross-Browser testing of your application and you have looked at BrowserStack, here are some things to know before you make your decision:

  1. BrowserStack offers one of the shortest trials of any other Cross-Browser software vendor.  The trial is limited to a mere 30 minutes of Live testing!!
  2. If you choose the Freelancer option for $12.50/month (or $19/month if you choose the monthly plan), you only get a 100 minutes of Live testing per month! 
Therefore, if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to BrowserStack, you will definitely want to take a look at these options:

  1. Sauce Labs:  - Sauce Labs offers a 14-day free trial and for only $12/month, you get Unlimited Manual Testing!
  2. TestingBot: - While TestingBot only offers a 100-minute trial, for $12/month, you get Unlimited Manual Testing and 400 minutes of automated testing and 4 concurrent VMs (which is nearly double the automated testing you get with Sauce Labs!)
  3. BrowseEmAll: - For the same cost of the Live tier of BrowserStack, you can get the Professional subscription ($29/month) which offers Unlimited Manual Testing as well as Unlimited Automated Testing!!
  4. Mobile1st: - If you are primarily concerned with Mobile Browser testing, Mobile1st offers a very cheap option of only $10/month with support for 14 different mobile devices.  

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