Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why we use JIRA Issue Tracking instead of Team Foundation Server Work Item Tracking

There is 1 MAJOR reason:  Web-based Work Item Customization

JIRA Issue Tracking offers this very convenient method for customizing issues while even the latest release of Team Foundation Server still requires using the Process Editor that is installed as an extension to Visual Studio.

The ease of customizing issues/work items in JIRA makes choosing JIRA compelling over TFS Work Item Tracking extremely compelling.  Using the Process Editor is a very complex, difficult and overconvoluted process which easily dissuades novice users from adopting this methodology of customizing TFS Work Items.  In addition, customizing TFS Work Items using the Process Editor introduces problems while upgrading from one release of TFS to the next.

Even though there are many great reasons to use TFS Work Item Tracking because of its tight integration with other products released by Microsoft such as SharePoint, the difficulty of managing customizations to Work Items usually trumps those integration points.

For integration with source control check-ins, you can use add-ons such as TFS4JIRA to provide similar functionality as associating check-ins with TFS Work Items:

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