Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The operation could not be completed. The parameter is incorrect.

I was recently working with a solution in Visual Studio 2015, when I suddenly encountered the following error message while attempting to build my project/solution:

No matter how many times I attempted to build my project or solution, I kept on receiving this error message!!

Finally, I closed my Visual Studio 2015 IDE and re-opened it and then tried to compile my solution and I was able to successfully compile again!!

I am not sure if this is an innate defect with Visual Studio 2015 or the Jetbrains Resharper Add-In I had installed, but if you encounter this error message, now you know a simple workaround!!

Hopefully this issue will be resolved in a future Update release!!


  1. I experienced the same - thanks a lot - your workaround works!
    (I have VS 2015 RTM + R#er 9.2)

  2. Same problem here. I wish that message would come with extended error information so we have a better idea of what is going wrong. I hate the "restart your computer" strategies for troubleshooting software.

    Maybe I'll attach a debugger and see what the first-chance exception looks like...

  3. Same problem here, same solution. VS2015 14.0.2472.00 update 1 + ReSharper ultimate 10.0.2 (+ a bunch of other stuff). Useless error message from a programmer looking for the easy way out. "The parameter is incorrect." Obviously, the parameter's name plus its bad value was available, not to mention a description of the operation being attempted. But, hey, MessageBox.

  4. It is still with us in VS 2015 Update 2.

    I have to believe we are the unfortunate few to have corrupted installations or something. I can't see the programmers at Microsoft putting up with this either. I have no VS addins other than Infragistics and whatever is installed in the Visual Studio setup (Xamarin, etc).

  5. Two tips:
    1.) Look in the file: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\ComponentModelCache\Microsoft.VisualStudio.Default.err - it can give you a hint of whats wrong. (My error was caused by Telerik JustMock) + some azure-stuff which needed to be updated.
    2.) Delete the .vs-folder in your solution.

    I will not guarantee that the error disappaer - but it helped me out.

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