Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where can I find the Pubs and Northwind databases?

As some of you may already know (or have recently discovered), is that Microsoft is no longer using the Pubs and Northwind databases as their standard sample databases for versions of SQLServer 2005 and greater.  Instead, all sample databases beginning with SQL Server 2005 have moved over the new AdventureWorks database.

Unfortunately, some books and manuals continue to use the Northwind and Pubs databases as part of their samples and exercises.  Therefore, if you want to follow along with these books, you will need to be able to download a copy of the Northwind and Pubs databases to attach to your local installation of SQL Server.

You can download the Northwind and Pubs database samples here:

After downloading the MSI, you can simply execute the MSI which will effectively extract the database MDF and LDF files to your C:\ drive.

After obtaining the extracted database files, you can simply attach the databases through the Attach Database command in SQL Server Management Studio.

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  1. Hey you got any Idea is the Pub or Northwind Working on Server 2012