Friday, May 16, 2014

AutoSPInstaller and standalone installations of SharePoint

If you typically use AutoSPInstaller to install SharePoint and are interested in setting up a development/test environment on a single server (standalone installation), unfortunately, you are out of luck!

Though some things may not work in a workgroup environment (for example, the Search Service), often times a standalone environment is good enough to do some basic development to work with the various SharePoint APIs, developing Features, working with InfoPath Forms and to develop Apps etc.  Therefore, there is still a Use Case for having a standalone environment to use as part of your SharePoint development.

In any case, when attempting to install SharePoint 2013 using the latest release of AutoSPInstaller (as of this writing), I receive the following error message:

Unfortunately, even though you provide valid credentials, the PowerShell scripts will never accept the credentials and let you proceed with the installation! :-(

So if you want to install SharePoint 2013 as a standalone/workgroup installation, until AutoSPInstaller fixes this issue, you are still required to do that manually....

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