Thursday, May 1, 2014

Manually unbinding a Visual Studio Solution from Source Control


If you have ever downloaded a Visual Studio solution from the Internet that was bound to source control, you may know that by default, the solution will always try to open with connections to the Source Control Provider. 

In some cases, Visual Studio may offer you an option to remove the source control binding, but in other cases, it may fail to load the solution altogether!

Well, fortunately, there is an easy way out of this situation.  However, it requires a bit of manual editing to remedy this situation.

  1. If the project is already unloaded in Visual Studio, right click on the project file and select “Edit MyProj.csproj”
  2. Now when you open up the project file, you should see some XML elements that begin with Scc
  3. Delete all of the Scc elements and save the file
  4. Now, when you open the solution, the project should be unbound from source control and you should be able to work with the solution file again!
<SccProjectName>SIM Example</SccProjectName>
<SccProvider>SourceGear Vault Visual Studio 2005 Client:{7BE9CE03-56BF-4682-9C06-78C68B134B30}</SccProvider>

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