Thursday, May 29, 2014

Firefox 29 blacks out screen on scrolling

One of my favorite browsers is Firefox and when I read about the rave reviews about Firefox 29, of course, I went ahead and upgraded.

Of course, after putting Firefox 29 through its paces I discovered one seriously critical defect in the browser!

I am not exactly sure what triggers this behavior (probably a lot of open tabs), but upon scrolling down through a web page, the screen blacks out completely!!

Below is an example:

Notice that upon scrolling down through the screen, the screen completely blacks out!!

In addition, I have been experiencing far more frequent crashes (several times a day) vs. earlier versions of the Firefox browser.

Both of these defects makes Firefox v. 29 a much more unstable browser and I hope that the Mozilla team fixes these issues soon since this is definitely a showstopper!!  For now, I am sticking with Google Chrome!!

Update: Firefox v. 30.0 is not much better.  It still suffers from the blacking out of the screen and it still crashes frequently (see below):

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