Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A better alternative to Find in Files in Visual Studio

If you have ever been frustrated with Finding text in Files, the Current Project or the Current Solution in Visual Studio, you are not alone.

One of the major problems with Visual Studio is how long it takes to find instances of text within the IDE and then above and beyond that, the Find option in Visual Studio usually forces you to visit EACH AND EVERY instance of the text before you can move on to the next instance.  Even if you use the Find All option, it often misses instances of the text within the entire project, thereby forcing you to do a Find Next anyway.

However, thanks to some clever developers, there are alternatives to Visual Studio for finding content in directories and files.

One of my favorite tools for searching for content within files and folders is JGSoft PowerGrep:

PowerGrep offers a convenient folder explorer to select the files and folders you want to search.  After that, you simply enter the text that you are searching for and PowerGrep will return all of the results for the text found in those files!!  Truly awesome!!

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