Monday, July 14, 2014

Team Foundation Server 2013 with Update 2 and SQL Server 2012 with SP2

As you may already know, SQL Server 2012 with SP2 was recently released.  However, even though it appears that Microsoft should be able to support it with Team Foundation Server 2013 with Update 2 based on their system requirements:, that does not appear to truly be the case!!

This is the error message I receive when attempting to install TFS 2013 with Update 2 using an installation of SQL Server 2012 with SP2:

Of course, according to the system requirements, it states that SQL Server 2014 IS supported, so I went ahead and tried to upgrade my SQL Server 2012 SP2 installation to SQL Server 2014 and received this error message:

Therefore, I was forced to UNINSTALL SQL Server 2012 SP2 and install SQL 2014 instead!

So, as usual with Microsoft products, just because a new service release comes out does not mean that any other Microsoft products support it yet!!


  1. SQL 2012 SP2 is version 11.0.5058.0 and that error message shows RTM (11.0.2100.60).

  2. That is interesting, huh?? I actually installed the integrated media of SQL 2012 SP2 WITH Reporting Services. Therefore, this must be yet another defect with TFS 2013 Update 2!! :-)