Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dotfuscator for Visual Studio 2013

If you are looking for Dotfuscator Community Edition for Visual Studio 2013, you might try searching on the Internet and come up with this link on Visual Studio Gallery:

Unfortunately, this link just points to the PreEmptive website which prompts you to download a trial version of Dotfuscator Professional.

Instead, you probably want the version of Dotfuscator that ships directly with Visual Studio 2013 Premium Edition and above that is available directly from the Tools menu:

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  1. Have you been able to use post-build events in VS 2013 to run Dotfuscator after you build? I am only able to run it from the GUI. In VS 2010 I am able to run the command-line tool CLI from Dotfuscator in my post-build event.