Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Workflows always entering Suspended State

I was recently creating some SharePoint 2013 Workflows using SharePoint Designer and I noticed that all of my workflows would suddenly enter the "Suspended" state for no apparent reason.

Of course, I looked at the Workflow Tasks and I found errors such as the following:

Interestingly enough, you will find numerous articles on the web stating that this all has to do with making sure that the User Profile Service is working and having the e-mail address/Work e-mail field populated.

However, I had done all of that and it was working!!  In fact, I could browse all of the various User Profiles in Central Administration and they were all there!!

So what was going on?

Well, I was using the User Profile Service with the SharePoint Active Directory Import option (under User Profile Service-->Configure Synchronization Settings).

Now, normally, this should not make any difference and the SharePoint 2013 Workflows should still just work (this is what I always use in my own development/test environments), but I thought that this might still be triggering some unusual problems in this particular environment. so I decided to switch it back over to the "SharePoint Profile Synchronization" option instead.

An unfortunate consequence of switching over the type of the User Profile Synchronization import process was that I had to go back and make sure that the User Profile Synchronization Service was started (it is not needed for the SharePoint Active Directory Import):

I also had to reconfigure my Synchronization Connections:

Finally, I had to make sure that my User Properties still retained their attribute mappings:

Of course, after I set this up, I re-tried my workflows and lo and behold my SharePoint Workflows began working without any issues!!

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