Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fixing Invalid TFS Source Control Solution Bindings

I recently copied over some project files from one project to another and attempted to add it to my solution.

As you can probably guess, adding the projects to the solution did not add them to the solution source control bindings!

I went into File-->Source Control-->Advanced-->Change Source Control and reviewed the bindings:

The 2 new projects showed the "Invalid" status next to them.  Unbinding and Rebinding the projects was useless in resolving this issue.

Well, I started digging through articles on the Internet and it seems that this is a very common problem with no clear solution, so I decided to dig through the project and solution files to see if I could come up with a workable solution.

This is what I ended up doing to solve my problem:

  1. Deleted the vspscc files from the folders of the newly added projects
  2. Opened up the .csproj files and manually edited out the following lines from them: 

  3. Opened up the solution file and manually edited out the .csproj project references from them 
  4. Reloaded the solution
  5. Added the projects back into the solution
  6. The solution now successfully added the projects to Source Control!!

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  1. Hey, what do you mean by "manually edited out"? You removed those lines?