Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Using the Performance and Diagnostics Hub in Visual Studio 2013

If you want to capture performance and profiling information about your Visual Studio application, you can now accomplish this relatively easy in Visual Studio 2013.

The Performance and Diagnostics Hub is available from 2 menus in Visual Studio 2013:

  1. Debug Menu
  2. Analyze Menu

Once you click on the Performance and Diagnostics item, you will get the Performance and Diagnostics Hub as shown below:

To begin your Profiling session, you can then click on the Start button and step through the wizard:

One of the main problems, however, is that once you have profiled your application and you have results such as this:

You will notice that there is no ACTUAL TIMING information!!  Instead, all of the results are captured as ticks rather than timing information in milliseconds or seconds.  Therefore, if you are trying to get a better assessment in terms of how much ACTUAL TIME it takes to run your application, you are out of luck!

If you think Microsoft should add support for actual timing information in the Performance and Diagnostics Hub, you can vote for this UserVoice item here:

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