Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Installing an Extension/Module for DotNetNuke

I am relatively new to DotNetNuke so I was very unfamiliar with how to use the system overall.  When it came to installing new extensions/modules, I was completely lost initially without a bit further research.

As it turns out the documentation and videos leaves some gaps in exactly how to get to the "Install Extension Wizard" to begin the process of uploading a new extension/module so here are the complete steps:

  1. From the Pages menu item, select Add a New Page to DNN
  2. From the Modules menu item, select Add a New Module
  3. Find the Extensions module and drag it to your New Page
  4. Now you can launch the "Install Extension Wizard"
  5. Follow the steps in the "Install Extension Wizard" to install your new extension/module
  6. Once your module has been installed, you can now add it to any new DNN CMS Pages you create.
  7. That is all there is to it!!

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