Friday, March 11, 2011

Microsoft pushing users to drop IE 6

For any web developers who have had to support multiple browsers and especially multiple versions of Internet Explorer, you will be glad to hear that Microsoft is pushing for users around the globe to upgrade to later releases of the Internet Explorer browser.  With the pending release of Internet Explorer 9, supporting multiple versions of Internet Explorer becomes all the more difficult.  Given the unusual quirks with supporting IE 6 vs. supporting IE 7 and IE 8, it would be a welcome change to be able to completely drop support for IE 6 and begin only supporting later versions of the browser.  Given the greater standards compliance of IE 8 and soon to be released IE 9, maybe Microsoft can start an IE 7 countdown as well???

Read more about the IE 6 countdown here:

To view the details of the IE 6 countdown, check it out here:

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