Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't leave Visual Studio running too long....

If you are like most developers nowadays, you probably do a considerable amount of development inside of a virtual machine.  Odds are, you probably also suspend the virtual machine so that you can resume the virtual machine at a later point in time and begin working right where you left off.

Well, I frequently do this and therefore leave Visual Studio running for several days at a time within my virtual machine.  Over time, I noticed that the performance inside of my VM was deteriorating drastically and my memory consumption was very close to the overall memory allocated to the VM.

After a quick look at Task Manager, I noticed that the biggest memory culprit was Visual Studio.  It was consuming nearly 500 MB of my memory using just a single instance of the IDE and a single solution!

So what was the quick fix??

Simply shut down Visual Studio and start it up back again.  After starting Visual Studio back up, memory consumption went down to a mere 150 MB!  Whew....

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