Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Internet Explorer 9--Don't believe the hype

You may have seen the recent advertisements from Microsoft promoting Internet Explorer 9 as a great new browser platform--far better than all prior releases of Internet Explorer.  However, even as a Microsoft developer, I have found that Internet Explorer 9 continues to leave a lot to be desired and will probably never be able to compete with the likes of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Here is an example, I was recently trying to submit file attachments on Microsoft's very own website:  Of course, considering that it was a Microsoft website after all and Microsoft's websites are notorious about having problems with supporting functionality in alternative browsers (just check out and in Google Chrome), I decided to use Internet Explorer 9 to attempt to upload my files.

Well, guess what, I could not even click the Submit button after attaching my files!!!  I even switched to IE 8 compatibility mode and tried it again--still no luck!!  So....I finally gave up and decided to switch over to Google Chrome.  As you can probably figure out by now, it WORKED JUST FINE!  I was able to successfully add my attachments and click the Submit button.

Moral of the story--if even Microsoft cannot get browser support for IE 9 right, why should it be considered to be so great???

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