Monday, August 6, 2012

Send to Bluetooth Add-In causes Office 2010 Apps to crash

I recently uncovered a very strange and unusual behavior with the Office 2010 Applications on my laptop.

Every single time I attempted a copy and paste operation from one of my Office 2010 Applications to another, the source application would crash!!  I most often encountered this issue in Visio 2010, but it seemed to occur in other Office Apps as well.

Well, one of my colleagues pointed out that the underlying culprit was a feature that shipped that with my laptop--Send to Bluetooth.  When this Add-In was enabled in Office 2010, the copy and paste operations inevitably caused the Office application to crash.

So, in order to rectify this problem, I had to disable the Add-in:

  1. Open the problematic Office 2010 Application (this has to be done for each Office App in the suite)
  2. From the File menu, select Options
  3. Click on the Add-Ins menu item
  4. Look for the Manage heading at the bottom of the Add-Ins screen
  5. You should find a Go... button next to the heading
  6. Make sure the dropdownlist selection is set to "COM Add-ins"
  7. Click on the Go... button
  8. You should now see a dialog with an option checked for "Send to Bluetooth"
  9. Uncheck the checkbox next to "Send to Bluetooth"
  10. Click the OK button to close the dialog.
  11. Re-verify that your application now supports the copy and paste operation without crashing!


  1. I keep disabling this add-in, but it keeps getting re-enabled when I reboot my computer!

  2. Thanks a ton .. it worked like charm...

  3. Great article. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable post.