Monday, January 21, 2013

Vonage outgoing ring tone problem and ARRIS Modem

I recently switched my Internet Service Provider (ISP) from AT & T to Wide Open West (WOW!) which switched my modem from 2WIRE to an ARRIS DG860 modem.

Unfortunately, a side effect or consequence of this change was that my Vonage service immediately began experiencing problems namely that I could no longer hear a ring tone on outgoing calls.

After hours of speaking with 2 different Vonage customer support representatives, I did not figure out that the ARRIS modem has a firewall setting which disrupts my Vonage VOIP service.  Therefore, I decided to turn off my firewall settings as depicted below on my ARRIS modem to see if I could get it to resume normal Vonage operation and instead rely on my Vonage VPortal firewall settings to protect me from external attackers.

Once I disabled my ARRIS modem firewall settings, of course my Vonage service returned to normal operation!


  1. It's easier than that. Just turn off the DOS checkbox and it will work fine.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!
    Have you tried configuring the Vonage Reciever as a DMZ?

  3. Worked perfectly. Thank you very much for sharing. I spent 2 hrs with WOW and Vonage. Without these instruction it would have been a whole day with them :(

    Thank you very much.

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