Monday, August 26, 2013

Deploying custom icons/images for a SharePoint Feature


One of the major annoyances with Sandboxed solutions is that you cannot deploy custom icons/images for any of the SharePoint Features that you develop.   Even though you can easily add the “Images” mapped folder to your SharePoint Sandboxed Visual Studio solution and build/compile the solution, the deployment will ultimately fail.

Why is this?  

This stems from the inherent limitation of Sandboxed solutions restricting a developer from being able to deploy things to the SharePoint file system, even such minor things as an Icon/Image file.

Though, there may be available workarounds available on the Internet for deploying a custom icon/image with your Sandboxed solution (the default icon is a SharePoint gear), the most conventional approach is to simply associate the ImageUrl with the SharePoint Feature and deploy the solution as a Farm solution instead

Maybe in future versions of SharePoint, there will be a way to deploy Sandboxed solutions with custom icons/images, but for now, as horrible as it may sound, opt for the Farm Feature (if the custom icon/image is an absolute requirement) to get your solution up and running….

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