Thursday, March 20, 2014

Excellent alternative to Windows File Copy

You might have read about Microsoft RichCopy in an earlier blog post of mine:

Microsoft RichCopy is the Microsoft-based alternative to Windows Explorer copy operations, however, RichCopy has not been updated in several years and while useful, it has its own set of problems in terms of overall usability.

The biggest limitation of Microsoft RichCopy is that it is not integrated with Windows Explorer.  Therefore, you can only copy an ENTIRE directory at a time or just copy 1 file at a time.  Therefore, if you just want to copy over a few files from a directory, you are stuck copying them over individually using Microsoft RichCopy or settling for Windows Explorer to copy.

While Windows 8's Windows Explorer copy operations are significantly improved over predecessors of Windows (including Windows 7), it is still fraught with problems.

Fortunately, there is an excellent 3rd party alternative to Windows Explorer copy and they even offer a free personal edition for home use!

The software I am referring to is TeraCopy by Code Sector.  You can download TeraCopy from here:

TeraCopy directly integrates with Windows Explorer as well as has a separate copy dialog for managing copy operations thereby giving you the best of Windows Explorer-type copy operations as well as Microsoft RichCopy.

TeraCopy has been very reliable and very fast for copy operations.  I frequently copy over data backups from my local Windows 8.1 desktop computer to my NAS device and I nearly always use TeraCopy for these operations.  Copy operations that would typically take several minutes using Windows Explorer copy, typically take 1/2 that time or less using TeraCopy.  The biggest annoyance that TeraCopy removes from standard Windows copy operations is the lengthy time to "analyze" the copy operation before the Windows Explorer copy operation actually proceeds.

Of course, if you need to purchase a copy of TeraCopy Pro either for its additional features or for commercial use, the licensing cost is extremely affordable at only $19.95 per license.  If you decide to purchase TeraCopy, you can buy it directly from the Code Sector website (purchase button at the bottom of the page):

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  1. For some TeraCopy is the best. I have also tried using it but I had to move on to other softwares since I've had troubles using TeraCopy. It would crash in the middle of a long file transfer and I hate doing double work. Good thing I found GS RichCopy 360. It works better than TeraCopy and is very fast.