Friday, August 1, 2014

JavaScript editing with PrimalScript

As many people may have read, Visual Studio 2013 stripped out their JavaScript navigation capabilities in their RTM release.

Fortunately, however, for many developers who work very heavily with scripting languages, there are tools such as PrimalScript by Sapien Technologies available!

PrimalScript offers support for a wide variety of scripting languages including JavaScript.  One of the very nice features that PrimalScript has had for quite some time is C# style navigation for scripting functions both in VBScript as well as in JavaScript!!

In addition, it offers Intellisense (referred to as PrimalSense) within the IDE similar to Visual Studio.  It also supports source control integration through use of the TFS MSSCCI Providers. 

So, if you work in JavaScript as well as other scripting languages such as VBScript and PowerShell, PrimalScript is definitely a worthwhile tool to keep as part of your toolbelt.  Given that installation packaging IDEs based on Windows Installer such as InstallShield and Advanced Installer still heavily rely on VBScript, JavaScript and PowerShell to perform custom actions, this makes PrimalScript all the more worthwhile and useful.

You can check out PrimalScript and give it a trial run here:

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