Saturday, November 8, 2014

Configure SMTP SendGrid for applications that do not support SMTP Authentication

If you are using SMTP SendGrid to send e-mails from within your Windows Azure VMs, you may encounter numerous applications that do not natively support configuring authentication for sending out SMTP e-mail messages.  One such application is SharePoint 2013.

Fortunately, the folks at SMTP SendGrid have created a nice little article for us to configure IIS to allow sending authenticated e-mail mesages through SMTP SendGrid as well as testing out the e-mail functionality through a nice little set of telnet commands.

You can find the article on how to configure IIS SMTP to use in conjunction with SMTP SendGrid here:


  1. Hi ssvaidya,
    Any idea why SharePoint Alert Email links have SendGrid URLs instead of pointing back to my document library? Should these links work? e.g.

    1. turns out we have to turn off SendGrid's 'Click tracking' - I had to open a SendGrid ticket to do that.